I wish I were a god. I could summon and expose you to the contents of my mind in an instant. I could create wonders with the flick of an eyelash. I could play with time and space like an angry child in a sandbox, smashing stars together and hurling comets into vast nothingness. I could dare the void to challenge me and fill it with light. I could elevate the wretched into the skies and shatter the knees of the Ink Pride to Acceptance 22x30mighty. The all of my imagination would streak across the universe like a hurricane fired from a civil war cannon.

But I am not a god. I am the dream of a god and so are you. And we are a special dream because inside us we have dreams. If there was ever a purpose for art it must be to share those dreams locked inside us.

So this is the manifesto- let us be the dreams that share dreams. – J. P.

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