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I visualized something in Ether Tribes II that may create confusion down the road so I should go ahead and address it here and now. There are monstrous apparitions in this issue that haunt Porrbrandir and Mathias. I should point out that these wraiths are internal- they aren’t real. It seems silly to say it, but in a fantasy/sci-fi universe you can never be too sure. In the end, it was an aesthetic choice. I wanted to give their emotions a physical form to make the comic more interesting. I felt like I provided clues as to their ephemeral nature but I wanted to clarify the subject here in case I didn’t go far enough for some.


For now it’s probably no big deal. But there are spirits in the Kingdom of the Trees and characters will interact with them pretty soon. In addition, I will reveal the Ether and characters will travel into this linked dimension. The Ether has its own rules that have little to do with the physics that  we are used to. It will look very supernatural and there will be “real” things in there that look very much like the representations of Porrbrandir’s emotions. So moving forward, to avoid confusion, I’ll refrain from drawing emotions in this way.

Some people may question the sci-fi elements of this series, and at this point they’d be right to. This feels very much like a magical fantasy world with spirits and monsters and stuff. The tribes in the Kingdom of the Trees seem medieval and primitive. This is all intentional and I will slowly peel away the mystery issue by issue. Which brings me to the future of this series. I want to build this universe in comic form for awhile. If it develops a serious following then I already have a screenplay written with two more in the development stage. The screenplay is what these origin stories are leading up to. Mathias has three more issues- but the stories are large so I may have to break them up somehow. We’ll see. I prefer as few “to be continued” as possible but I don’t think I can get away with these large epub files.

After The Origin of Mathias we’ll get into other characters. Feedback will decide which character gets the next push- we have earth, water and wind. If you didn’t guess already, Mathias is the fire guy but we’ll tackle that in issue four. The next issue focuses on the relationship between Mathias and Nisos as they go through the Koronost right of passage. As soon as I get the Patreon campaign launched then I’ll get to work on it.


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