Origins continued…

My green friend swung down and knocked my red friend to the ground before he could eat my knee. Then we fled to the upper branches and cut the hanging ropes to the nets below. Red glared at me from the ground but he knew we would never allow him up in the trees again. He skulked on the nets below and then other people began to join our game. These were new players, people we had never met. Somehow there was a connection between our game and the internet. An audience was brewing outside of our observation and some of the audience started to join us.

The new players were bound to our three colors in a way. Red, green and blue were their allegiances, and they intuitively took on our attitudes towards each other. As our bands grew, the original members became influential over the elements. Red tried to burn us out of the trees- at some point he could summon fire from thin air. As a counter, I could summon the rain and put out the flame. Green could make the trees grow and make food pop from the branches. Out of compassion we fed the Reds and gave them water, but we didn’t allow them to come to the upper branches. They stayed on the nets.

The relationship between red and I was strained. It had developed a Captain Hook vs. the crocodile theme. He felt that if he ate me whole that it would somehow resolve his fall early in the game. A glint of flame was in his eyes and he had a monstrous countenance. His followers didn’t mind. At some point, during the night, they tried to capture me. Two of them climbed halfway up and conned me into talking about a truce. When I met with them, they tried to bind me with rope and drag me to the nets. My own followers were occupied as the other reds snuck to the top and attacked them. I thought I was doomed and then large claws, like a squirrel, burst from my gloves and I clawed my way back to the top as I kicked the reds off of my feet.

Time was inconsistent in the dream, it felt like months had passed but probably only a few days had gone by. The backyard had grown into a forest with a small city of ropes worked into the branches. The trees had grown three times taller and people could easily walk on the branches now without the aid of ropes. The greens had made a makeshift village in the treetops. The reds had made their own village on the safety nets and their red leader stared up into the trees often. A love interest was introduced but I’ll continue that in a different post- it was quite a long dream.


On the origin of Ether Tribes

I had a dream in 2002 that haunted me until I began this project several years ago. I was a little younger in the dream, maybe late teens. I sat at a computer and sent out a message that I was about to “start”. Two friends came over and we went to the backyard. One of the friends I knew in real life and the other I didn’t- but in the dream we had all known each other for awhile. The backyard was a tall, scraggly, bare forest- like the kind you find all over Arkansas in the winter.

We found some rope and started making things- ladders, nets, bridges. Things sped up quite a bit here- we tied the ropes to trees and began building a playground of sorts. We never ran out of rope- so we kept building, rapidly, like a montage in a sports movie. There came a point where we were all high up in the trees- making swings and bridges and connecting the trees. That was when I came up with the first rule for our game. No one could fall to the safety nets far below us. My friends repeated “no one falls to the nets” and we continued. We started developing more rules and our appearances and bodies started to change. As we further defined the game, the game itself had an effect on us.

Blue armor grew around me, red and green armor grew around my friends. It was a lot of fun swinging through the trees like Tarzan, and the setting felt more alive the more we added to it. Then, my red friend fell. I tried to catch him but I missed and he hit the nets. He looked hurt, so I swung down to the nets and tried to help him. Long, needle sharp teeth grew from his mouth and he bit deep into my knee. I don’t intend to write a novel for my first blog post so I’ll continue this story later.