Emotional Transitions- Ink

When I look back on this set I feel like I was influenced by Katsuhiro Otomo. Akira was Katsuhiro’s masterpiece and it was the first Japanime movie I saw on the big screen. At the time (early 1990’s) I had never been exposed to anything like it.

The experience would be like thinking a “fight” was what elementary school kids did on the playground. They swing wildly and then it’s over when one of them falls down. After seeing this two or three times there’s nothing of interest left in it.

Then, out of nowhere, someone gets you front row tickets to a UFC event. You’ve never even heard of the UFC but you’re there and it blows your mind.

That’s kind of what the experience was like. It’s so easy to discover new media these days that finding the media isn’t the adventure it used to be. I discovered Akira when there were no cellphones, no DVD’s, and the internet was a glorified chat room. With no frame of reference, I might as well have stumbled onto a new planet. That time of discovery is gone but I can still feel its influence. With the absence of quests for media in future generations, I wonder what takes its place? Or does it all just happen at a much younger age?

Ink Transition One Ink Transition TwoInk Transition ThreeInk Transition FourInk Transition FiveInk Transition Six

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