Emotional Transitions- Acrylic

I didn’t study painting much in college. I avoided the painting classes and took graduate level drawing classes instead. I love painting but I’m a self taught artist and wanted to enjoy the experience on my own. A few years after college I tackled acrylic. These are my first acrylic paintings. They didn’t always turn out the way I wanted, so several of the originals have many layers of paint on them as I worked and reworked the image until I could let it go. My first experience with acrylic was a surprise at how bright the paint was out of the tube. It had a shiny glow that reminded me of stained glass so I incorporated that impression into the style.

Acrylic Transition OneAcrylic Transition TwoAcrylic Transition Three Acrylic Transition FourAcrylic Transition FiveAcrylic Transition Six

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