Emotional Transitions- Pencil

I studied art in college and I drew a lot in pencil. One of my professor’s let me know that drawings were preparatory. They were nice exercises- a sketch for a painting before the serious work of painting gets done, like a blueprint. To give my professor credit, I understood what she meant. A pencil drawing just isn’t taken seriously in the art community and time shouldn’t be wasted on it. Maybe she’s right, but I have a relationship with a pencil that goes beyond the academic.

I grew up in Little Rock, AR and went to public schools. The schools were poor, the teaching staff overwhelmed, and the environment was dangerous. It was always easy to make a friend with a cool drawing though. When I should have been studying I was drawing in my notebook. Under normal school structures I would have been in trouble a lot, but the teachers were so busy with discipline problems from aggressive kids that a quiet one was often overlooked. I was not a great student but I developed a love for pencil drawings that I still have. I hope you enjoy these pieces in the light that I developed them with the most basic and intimate of tools, a number 2 pencil. I encourage you to zoom in and see the level of care I have for the medium.

Pencil Transition OnePencil Transition TwoPencil Transition ThreePencil Transition Four Pencil Transition FivePencil Transition Six

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