Emotional Transitions- Watercolor


The Surrealists were very interested in art techniques that triggered the subconscious mind. When the mind forms an image out of patterns this is considered to to trigger the subconscious. A simple example would be to see a person’s face in the pattern of tree bark. For this series I was inspired by cloud watching. I blotted three layers of watercolor onto the page. When the colors dried I took an X-acto knife and carved out images of figures and faces from the remaining pieces of color. My focus was to find the figure and the emotions that corresponds with the transition. I’ve found that even though I carved specific images into this set, other people see all sorts of things. Enjoy.

Watercolor Transition OneWatercolor Transition Two Watercolor Transition ThreeWatercolor Transition FourWatercolor Transition Five Watercolor Transition Six

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