Let me introduce Patreon to those who’ve never heard of it. Patreon is a crowd-funding website that hosts all manner of artists and creators.

How it works is: You sign up.

Find an artist or project you like.

Artists set up donations for “per project or per month”.

“Per project” donations mean you give the artist a small amount of money when they update or complete a project.

“Per month” donations mean you give the artist a certain amount each month.

Donations are usually rewarded by the artist in some way and can come in many forms.

You can cancel at any time. You can set limits on how much you want to donate. You can be a patron and a creator at the same time.

Artists may have goals, for example, if I get 4000 an update then I’ll quit my job and work full time on the project. If I get 8000 an update then I’ll hire someone to help.

I have a Patreon campaign going on right now. Check it out and spread the word. I’d love to make comics full time.

To get access to the Patreon campaign you can go to or click on any of the links in this post.

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